Wine & Beer Samples 01-06-2017


Perennial Artisan Ales Hopfentea Wheat Ale (MO)

A nose of papaya, tart melon, sour candy, guava, and a hibiscus-like floral note. The palate is a nice balance of wheat and tart fruit flavors of zesty citrus and guava. The finish is dry with a note of black tea leaves.  A medium-light bodied beer with persistent carbonation and a crisp, refreshing mouthfeel.


Vinos Con Corazon Lagar da Xestosa Godello 2015 (Spain)

The perfect blend of traditional methods and modern production leads to a wine with a fresh, unique character. Notes of ripe, sweet and sour fruits blend with white flowers and pronounced lemongrass flavors. No oak aging allows for a citric and slightly spicy finish.


Alexana Terroir Series Pinot Noir 2014 (OR)

100% Pinot Noir from Oregon, with 10 months of barrel oak aging. The nose is bursting with strawberry fruit notes mingled with hints of caramel, mocha, and nutmeg. The palate is rich and ripe with plenty of fruit notes balanced by earthy, rounded tannins. The finish is smooth and lingering.


Corazon del Sol Malbec 2013 (Argentina)

Notes of fresh plum juice, ripe blackberries, spring violets and fennel fronds fill the nose once poured. The palate is rich and earth driven with notes of dark cherry cola, black fruit compote, and vanilla anise. The finish is dry with dusty tannins.


Villa Jolanda Moscato & Passion Fruit (Italy)

Bright and refreshing with a nose of passion fruit and subtle flora notes (maybe even a bit of an island breeze?). Fine bubbles add to the fun of this pour, with a light mouthfeel and notes of ripe, refreshing passion fruit and a bit of honeydew sweetness.