Wine & Beer Samples 8-18-2017

Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel (Germany), This world famous bock from Bavaria’s Holy Mountain is meant to be savored. Pleasantly effervescent, the aroma delights with soft roasted accents and dried fruit carrying a vein of caramel. Embraced in roasted cocoa and a light, bitter hoppiness.



Willm Pinot Blanc 2015 (France), Easy going, very approachable wine. Light, pale-yellow color with subtle floral and fruit notes on the tongue. Soft dryness, delicate, well rounded and smooth with medium acidity.




L’Opale de la Presqu’Ile de Saint Tropez Rosé 2015 (France), Deliciously refined nose of spring flowers. On the palate, floral notes and lemon zest. Fresh and pleasing, this rose’ pairs well with pasta and pizza, as an aperitif or enjoy simply on its own.




Vidal Fleury Cotes du Rhone 2013 (France), Vidal-Fleury is the oldest continuously operating winery in the Rhône, established in 1781. Rich black fruit and pepper aromas lead into a smooth, juicy palate with a mouth-encompassing attack of black fruits and spice. The finish is savory. Pair with red and white meats, pizza, barbecue, pasta and cheese.



Roscato Rosso (Italy), Roscato is a delicately sweet, Frizzante ruby red wine from the northern Italian region of Lombardy. With intense aromas of blackberries and ripe wild berries, this wine serves as a wonderful aperitif and is also incredibly food-friendly. Serve chilled.

Wine and Beer Tastings 8-11-2017

Julius Echter Weissbier Dunkel (Germany), Pours a caramel brown color with a small off- white head. Smells of wheat, banana, clove, yeast and dark malts. Tastes of wheat and dark malts with a hint of clove and banana. The malts taste of caramel and raisins. Easy to drink.       La Marimorena Albarino 2015 (Spain), Unoaked […]

Wine and Beer Tastings 8-4-2017

Cael & Crede Whisky Barrel Aged Irish Ale (Ireland), An Amber Ale that is distinctly Irish, the unforgettable flavor comes from its aging in genuine Irish Whiskey oak barrels. Using locally sourced Irish malts and the purest water from River Shannon, Cael and Crede’s remarkable taste boasts rich toffee with a creamy oak and dry whiskey […]

Wine & Beer Samples 7-14-2017

Honey Grail Boudica’s Uprising Craft Sparkling Honey Mead (VA) The first and only semi-sweet, sparking, 100% honey mead on the market! Aromas of mint and herbal notes with a light palate of minty honey, lime, and apple with good carbonation. An easy drinking adaptation of a classic adult beverage.   Fritz de Katz Riesling 2015 […]

Wine & Beer Tasting 06-30-2017

Wells Banana Bread Beer (England) Tempting “banoffee” aromas tempered by a grassy, lemony nose all lead to a finely balanced, fresh, delicate flavor of peppery hops with a lingering dry finish. Tropically fruity; its ripe banana flavor, emphasized by a hint of bitterness, comes from the addition of real fair trade bananas.   Walsh Sauvignon […]

Wine & Beer Samples 06-23-2017

Austin Eastciders Blood Orange Cider (TX) A zesty, dry cider made with American dessert apples, heirloom bittersweet apples, and Sicilian blood oranges. Effervescent with a prominent tangy, citrus fruit note, balanced by crisp apple freshness and a hint of raspberry and grapefruit flavors. A medium bodied brew that is ultra refreshing and the perfect beer […]