February 23, 2018 – Beer and Wine Tasting Notes – We are infused & fortified with Spirit!


Innis & Gunn “Kindred Spirits” Stout (Scotland)Matured using Tullamore’s legendary triple distilled whiskey barrels creating a rich and delicious Irish Whiskey barrel-aged stout. A perfect pairing of rich, flavor-packed beer, and the sweet, spicy, smooth taste of whiskey with notes of dark chocolate and coffee alongside hints of vanilla. Click on the picture! Irish band Ash and Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit met over a Kindred Spirits in our hometown of Edinburgh to create the Kindred Sessions, now available to watch online:



 “Living Labels Series”

150 years ago, Jacob and Frederick Beringer were pioneers of a new age, making their way across the frontier to plant their first vines in Napa Valley. Today, remaining true to their bold, pioneering spirit with Beringer Bros. Bourbon Barrel Aged Wines, these varietals are aged for sixty days in charred, American oak bourbon barrels, resulting in a uniquely rich, warm, and bold flavor.





Beringer Bros. BB Aged Chardonnay 2016 (California)This brazen and unruly Chardonnay shows flavors of baked Golden apples, toasted almonds, and a buttery finish.







Beringer Bros. BB Aged Red Blend 2016 (California)This expressive blend provides flavors of black cherry, toasted coconut and dark caramel with a smoky finish.








Beringer Bros. BB Aged Cabernet 2016 (California)The palate will be charmed by the bold flavors of black cherry, toffee, dark chocolate and roasted hazelnuts.








Prime’s Tawny Port (Portugal)The individual grape varietals are aged in Madeira barrels for 3-4 years, and then the smooth & mellow wines are blended together a few months before bottling for balance and completeness. Blondish red appearance, red fruit jam aroma, sweet taste with fine wood and vanilla hints.  Pairs well with apple or almond pie, dried fruits with nuts, and cheeses. Great as an aperitif when served slightly chilled.